Declarative Reference?

I’ve looked extensively but cannot find a reference guide for the declarative format anywhere. Specifically, I’m looking for HTML syntax for every component supported such that I can write the HTML by hand (I’m not interested in the designer). Certainly this must exist somewhere? Thanks…

I haven’t been able to find it myself either. Maybe the core team thought it’s so self-documenting (not).
The conventions are described here, but I know it helps only so far.

Yeah I found the conventions, and 70% of it is pretty easily guessable, but there are differences that make it very hard to write by hand. This has to exist somewhere other than the source code I imagine, so hopefully it will be posted at some point publicly. Right now, the only recourse I found is to write in java code and then in the debugger dump the declarative code - sorta defeats the point though but at least this way it can be reverse engineered.

Vaadin team: please consider publishing the documentation for this!