running into a peculiar situation again and again, trying to build a Vaadin project (maven war artifact) including a custom local add-on (maven jar artifact). Things are built using maven in either command line or Eclipse and deployed to a Glassfish v3.0 AS then. Outcome: Some builds on some machines work, yet it is anything but reproducible.

Current outcome: The module doesn’t display its main UI, complaining about “NO CLIENT IMPLEMENTATION FOUND” for one of the widgets in question.

Building the add-on jar as well as the war to be deployed worked fine. Widget set compilation from within maven also did. The widget in question obviously was included into the build and the symbol maps also show evidence it’s there. Tried all the fixes I could found in here (web.xml parameters, verbose compilation output) without success. Is there any way to determine (a) which widget set is being used at runtime, (b) what widgets it contains at runtime? Any logging, debugging facility for purposes like this? Where could things like this be cached? Cleared all the Glassfish and browser caches as well, same as removing some of the jars from the local maven repo just to be sure. It feels a bit helpless right now. :confused:

TIA and all the best,