Debugging - breakpoints/hot reload

I tried the new vaadin 24 spring boot starter and the debugging is pretty tedious now. You have to attach the dt_socket for xdebug. When you recompile, than again you have to rerun the listener.
I’m running the app with the basic maven “spring-boot:run” configuration in Intellij Community Edition.

I previously used the spring boot fork=false options that enabled me the debug mode without any issues. Now with Spring boot 3 this isn’t available anymore. Any suggestions?

Run’s main method with debug instead of starting a Maven process

Does it work with the community edition? I thought it was one of the difference between Community adn Ultimate

Good point, I don’t know

Worth a try at least.

Thanks for your help, I will report further issues. For now the application is working without issues

also breakpoints/debug is working

Does it work with the community edition?

Yes, you can do that with the community edition too

You are better off asking the Spring Boot guys about this. Especially since they removed the fork flag probably for reasons.