?debug window shows warning message

Hi all,

I just noticed a warning in debug window when debug is enabled by ?debug. It only shows this warning in IE (Chrome, Firefox doesnt show the warning at all). The warning is " Warning: widgetset version 6.5.7 does not seem to match theme version 6_5_6". Is it something that i should pay attention to or am i doing smoething wrong here (may be a jar version, or a misconfiguration or something). Any help would be great.

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I am seeing the same warning in the debug window:

I don’t know the cure, but I know the cause:

(1) Start a new project using a slightly older version of Vaadin.
(2) Use the context menu in Eclipse to delete the project from disk.
(3) Create a new project with the very same name, but a newer version of Vaadin.
(4) Run your app with “?debug” appended to URL.

Apparently something is cached in some mysterious place deep in the bowels of Eclipse.

I tried deleting:

But that did not do it. Any ideas on how to clear out the remnants of outdated Vaadin?

–Basil Bourque

Do you have any add-ons or custom client side in you project? Have you updated the vaadin version after that you have taken into use add-ons? Having add-ons or custom client side code requires that you compile the client side code from java to javascript, which gets sent to the browser, after every vaadin jar update. This is because both the server side and client side code has changed and you are now using the new server side code but the old client side code, and they might not play nice together.

If you don’t have a own widgetset then you don’t have to do this, as the vaadin jar comes with a precompiled widgetset in it. You can see if you have a own widgetset by going into your VAADIN folder and see if you have a widgetsets -folder there. If you need it, recompile the widgetsets. If you don’t need it, delete the widgetsets folder.