Debug Vaadin in NetBeans

It’s a bit late, so maybe I should just try tomorrow again instead of asking possibly stupid questions… but:

I would like to debug calls in the Vaadin framework on NetBeans. → For this I need to set break points in the Vaadin framework code. → For this I need to be able to open the Vaadin framework project in NetBeans. However due to the special structure NetBeans does not recognize my freshly checked out Vaadin framework source code as project.

I tried this:
And I googled for an hour or so, but have not found a solution yet… Again: It’s late and I’m tired, but I’m also a total Vaadin newbie and all my other projects are Maven which of course works like a charm in NetBeans. So any pointers are warmly appreciated!


You need to download/install the Vaadin source code first. If you are using Maven, then you should right click the vaadin-n.n.n.jar file below the Dependencies node of your project. Select either “Download Sources” or “Add local sources”. Now you should have a little yellow marker on the icon of the vaadin jar and you can place your breakpoints in the framework source code.

Thanks so much! That seems to work just fine. And it’s so much easier than downloading and opening dependency projects manually :slight_smile: