Debug "H" option not showing hierarchy like in Vaadin 6?

I’m a huge lover of the “H” (show hierarchy?) option in the ?debug module. I use this all the time to inspect my layouts for obvious problems like multiple stacked layouts, missing Height/Width options, etc. etc. etc.

So, in my new project done in Vaadin 7, I’ve tried this option a few times – and it just appears that it’s “broken” to me. The hierarchy isn’t continous like before where I could easily expand/collapse the various components and get the same level of details I did in V6. If I inspect it carefully by hand, I can hunt and peck my way around finding the various layout components, but they are like independent almost to each other – not cascaded upon each other for easy viewing / comprehension.

So, am I daft and this is the new functionality or missing an option to make it like old V6 or ??