DateTimePicker set time part only, or change event on date part only?

we are extensibely using the DateTimePicker to filter lists with timestamp values displayed.

One comment we receive often from our customers, is that the filter does not work.

We could “reproduce” the behaviour caused by this:

  • User picks a date → Nothing happens, the system waits for the time part to be selected too

Now the question is, how can we still use the DateTimePicker to filter by date+time, even when the user only fills in the date part and not also the time part?

I see two potential solutions, but perhaps there exists something else already to deal with this “unexpected” system behaviour?

  1. Allow us to set a predefined value only for the time part of the picker (00:00 will not be good enough, since the To filter typically should be 23:59)
  2. Fire an value changed event, even when only the date part was changed and the time is not yet selected

I would set sane defaults as a whole, e.g. add today at 00 or 24 depending on the field once focused.

Additionally there is this issue regarding your problem [DateTimePicker] Binder does not receive partial values (containing only date or time) · Issue #5316 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub

Hello Christian,

thanks for the pointers, so I could at least inform the users that this is still an open point.

Unfortunately I can’t get the workarround to work with Vaadin 24.3.14.
Any ideas?


Sadly not, I’m not using that particular component.

@Tatu2 might have an idea as head of good hacks

Here is one Provide a default value for the time part. · Issue #668 · vaadin/web-components · GitHub