datepicker - set language

We’re trying in Vaadin 23.3.12 to set the language in the Datepicker.
When a date is selected the language is set to Dutch which is what we want. But once the date is choosen, the date box itself shows 23 May 2023 instead of 23 Mei 2023.
How can we change this?

At the moment we have already setup the following:

setDateFormats(“d MMM yyyy”, “dd-MM-yyyy”, “ddMMyyyy”, “dmmyyyy”, “dmmyy”);

Could be an issue in the underlying date lib. Even tho I would have expected that your first Format without - is used to display the text in the field.

HI knoobie, correct it uses the first format that is listed in setDateFormats. However the language of for this displayed format is English and not dutch. ANy ideas?

English is the fallback if no translation for dutch was found.

Just to make sure… did you set dutch as locale for the date picker and/or session as well? (field.setLocale())

Thanks all for the comments. Will look into the responses👍