DatePicker Locale Inconsistent

Hello, I’m trying to filter a Grid in Vaadin Flow with some dates. I’m using two picker to set the interval of time in which my entities were created, It works, but I have some problems with the display of thoses pickers. The two picker are embedded in a dialog which is shown each time the user click on the filter button for this column.
I’m in Belgium, so Dates are formatted like DD/MM/YYYY. I’ve set the Locale of the pickers to Locale.FRANCE since I have not found belgium and it should be the same and set the date to"Europe/Brussels")). When the dialog is first whown, no problem, the pickers are in DD/MM/YYYY, next time the pickers are showing, even if I simply close the dialog, picker are back in MM/DD/YYYY.
It’s a huge problem for us, since users can type directly in the field, and with the Locale is totally ignored by this field, this is error prone.
I’ve add some logs to see if the Locale is changing, and it remain fr_FR all the way.

Any ideas ?

I reported this bug here (I think it’s the same):

You can add a comment and follow this issue.
Did you try to set the locale each time you open the dialog ? (i think this workaround was working)

I just tried your workaround, but it does not work in my case. I’ve added a comment on the issue.