DatePicker behaviours

Some DatePicker functions are not working as I expect.

picker.clear() → is not clearing the field - the manually malformed user input persists. I tried:
picker.setValue(null), and picker.setValue(picker.getEmptyValue()), but all leave the input data present.

How can we read a String that’s been input by the user? If the input doesn’t result in a valid LocalDate, then picker.getValue() returns null. So how do we distinguish between a field that the user made empty (which is OK) and a field that the user typed 2020-07-aa, which we may want to clear out?

It would be nice to prevent the user from entering text at all, forcing all inputs to use the provided calendar. There [was some discussion]
( about this previously so I’d like to add my +1 that this would be a nice feature to avoid keyboard inputs - similar to Vaadin 8 ComboBox comboBox.setTextInputAllowed(false);

Hi Steve,

You should open an issue in the github tracker here:

There is another issue already reported which look similar to yours.

If its the same it may be whortwhile to give it a thumbs up instead of creating a new issue.