DatePicker (14.x) highlights "today" in client-side timezone

I’m looking for a mechanism to instruct DatePicker to highlight “today” in the server’s timezone. I could turn off the highlighting altogether, but it would be better if I could push the timezone to the client side or tell it which date to highlight.

Thanks in advance

P.S. Java API, Vaadin 14.3.9 at the moment.

My understanding is that DatePicker#setLocale(..) method should be used in order to DatePicker to be adjusted to some other locale than the browser default. I know that there are currently some use cases where the automated picking of the default locale fails, but I think it is not related to this.

To be clear: as I type this, it is 11:00 here in eastern US on the 17th of February. When I connect to my vaadin application running in Japan and use a DatePicker, I’d like it to highlight the 18th of February (because it is 01:00 server local time), not the 17th. I don’t know how to use Locale to specify TimeZone - they’re totally different things, aren’t they?

Ok, got your case. In Vaadin 8 there was DateField#setZoneId to do that. But there seems not be equivalent in DatePicker.

There is earlier discussion about this here: