DateField lose focus after date picked

I’m can’t figure why, but some compuers (same x64 win10, same brower) the vaadin 7.7.7 datefield is lose the focus after when i’m pick a date from popupdatepicker.

Make some research, add focus and blur listener and try it:
Clicked the datefield: focus event fired → ok
Click in the datefield → popup date picker show up: blur event fired → ok
Pick a date → popup picker dissapered, new value set the datefield: focus event fired → the 50% of the computers…

And the computers where not working, none of them does not work in a browser … This computers the focus got the element.

The problem is big enough for me cause i’m make some logis for focus and blur (make some inline editor field like jira have), and many of computers not working correctly.

How can debug this?