DateField giving 01/01/0019 instead of 01/01/2019

Hello guys,

Strange behavior here with Vaadin7. On a brand new server (Linux/Ubuntu + Tomcat8.5 + JDK10), DateField is not giving the correct date.
In the DateField, if I type “01/01/19”, getValue() returns 01/01/0019
Others servers are giving correct result.

I tried to update the server timezone et regional settings, no result.
I tried to force tomcat with timezone and regional settings, no result.
I tried with open-jdk10 and open-jdk8, same result…

Any clue ?


That sounds familiar, could you check this GitHub issue ? Is it the same?

Yes, this is exactly the same behavior.
But I would like to avoid a custom workaround like the one they suggest.
Our application is installed onto a dozen servers and there is only the last one that has this weird behavior. So i’m pretty sure this is a configuration issue, but I cannot find which one… I checked server’s timezone and regional settings, and forced tomcat’s/jdk timezone and regional settings.
Which other parameter / config could be involved in DateField behavior ?