Database usage in my code


Ive been trying to create 2 proof of concept applications with gwt and vaadin.(seperatly)

I started with gwt:

I was astonished by the idea off me debugging the client side in eclipse :slight_smile: The same reason i couldn’t open a connection in mysql. in my gwt project (its client side DUH?!)

When i started working with vaadin i saw the following weirdness: I could open a connection of mysql and inject the results into the containers. Now that’s weird?! how can i do mysql connection in the client? and how come i dont need an rpc for the db info to be transferred to the client?

Im sure im missing something here. any help?
In gwt its very clear what is client side and what is server side code.
but in vaadin im its less clear to me.

See the Book of Vaadin, starting e.g.

When using Vaadin, typically all the code you write is running on the server side (except if you create custom widgets, described later in the book).