Dashboard Demo in IE9


We are currently evaluating web frameworks for our intranet applications and Vaadin is a strong contender. However, very good Internet Explorer 9 support is a must for us, as unfortunately our company’s standard workplace will be stuck with IE9 for quite a while.

Today i realized that the Dashboard demo does not behave well on IE9. The left side bar randomly expands to the full window size sometimes. When the window gets resized the side bar snaps back to its correct position. Compatibility mode is off and I also tested starting IE with Add-Ons disabled (-extoff).

Did anybody else experience those problems? And how good is Vaadin’s IE9 support generally based on your experience?

Thanks in advance!


When IE support is must, I usually go with Vaadin 6 (hopefully others will not curse me for this :D), but also try to plan ahead upgrade to 7 (this means writing the code in certain way). I’ve noticed there is room for improvements in 7, even if Firefox/Chrome combos are used.

Beside, this could happening only with Valo theme; maybe try Vaadin 7 with Reindeer or other builtin themes?

Hi Sanel!

Thanks for your quick reply! What were your main problems with Vaadin 7 and IE that made you go back to v6? Did you have a lot of problems with IE9 or newer, or was it mainly with very old IE versions?

Manly because I wanted support for older IE versions and, as I don’t have IE nearby to test against, I went safer route. One feature I was also missing from Vaadin 7 was dynamically changing themes, but this was added in couple versions ago.

I contacted Vaadin via the contact form yesterday and already got an answer. Apparently the Dashboard demo uses a CSSLayout and there is a bug in the custom CSS. That means the bug should be specific to that demo and does not indicate general problems with IE9.

Hi Tobias!
Did they solve the bug in the custom CSS?


Hi Domenico

No, the demo still looks the same in IE9.

Hi everyone!

I managed to fix the IE9 issue yesterday, and the fix is now deployed. It was a bug in the Dashboard code, and not the framework itself. If you’re interested, you can check out the fix in GitHub:

My apologies for the bug and for not fixing it sooner!

Good job! Thanks for update.


Thanks a lot - good job!