Dark mode problem in Web Components

I have been doing some tests and I have noticed that the dark mode is not working, here in this link you can see an example, is it a problem with the current version? or am I doing something wrong? some help please

The dark mode variables are not loaded by default.

You can load them by doing this:

import '@vaadin/vaadin-lumo-styles/color-global.js';
import '@vaadin/login';

I’m forwarding internally because I don’t know if it’s intended.

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In the P2 and HTML imports era, we used to have this approach for global styles:

  <style include="lumo-color lumo-typography"></style>

The issue for replacing custom-style is still open:

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@Jean-Christophe.1 @web-padawan Thank you for the answer, my problem solved by using the import :)

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