Customlayout takes 5 seconds to load


I created a CustomLayout and want this to be the main design for my application.

    public void init() {
        CustomLayout CL = new CustomLayout("index");
        Window main = new Window("FRONTEND");


My problem is, that it takes about 5-7 seconds for the page to load!

Its not a very complex design and it has not got many pics.

I dont know what to do to solve my problem :confused:

Any help is appreciated.

You can add ?debug to your URL to get access to the Vaadin debug info window. In this window you will get info about the performance of the different aspect of the roundtrip:

Making UIDL Request with params: 50,10PID13mousedetailss
Server visit took 415ms


Processing time was 76ms for 4720 characters of JSON

If these figures are low, then it is a browser rendering issue; otherwise, you’ll know if it is a server or a client side issue. Please post back when you do so we can help further.


thanks for your Answer!

In the debug console i saw that he wasnt able to find a lot of components.

Inserting @import url(…/reindeer/styles.css); @ the beginning of my “styles” file solved it…


Thank you!