CustomLayout problem with project structure from vaadin-archetype-widget

i try to setup an addon-project (Framework version 8.7) using the vaadin-archetype-widget. In this project i want to have a component which extends CustomLayout. I have tried to position the ‘layouts’-directory under resources parallel to the styles.scss file. At runtime i get the error: “Layout file layouts/Xxxx.html is missing. Components will be drawn for debug purposes”.
Where have i to position the ‘layouts’-directory?

Any help information is very appreciated, thanks.

i got no answer so far.

In the meantime i circumvent the problem and read in the content of the templatefile as a String. The content can then be used as parameter of the setTemplateContents method of CustomLayout.

I guess that there is no answer for the original question. Hence the described method is the best to choose?

Thank you