Customization of native window scroll bar

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Whether it is possible - as - that to adjust native default scrollbar allocated in drawing more low?

I do not remember exactly where did this picture, but would love to achieve a similar effect …


It is not possible to customize the native scrollbar. This is nothing to do with Vaadin, but a (limitation?) of the browser.

It used to be possible to customize the scrollbar in IE (and only IE), but I don’t believe it is possible any more. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea any way : a native component should look like a native component, i.e. you shouldn’t be able to change it!

The two pictures look different because they are taken on different versions of the operating system (or, at least, different “modes”) - the first one appears to be from a browser running on Windows 2000 (or XP in “Classic” mode) , whereas the latter looks like Windows XP.




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Yes, you’re absolutely right - describes CSS properties are an extension of the specification CSS2, introduced the companies Microsoft, implemented since IE 5.5.

Thank you very much for your reply!