Customising Unsupported Browser Page in Vaadin 8

What’s the official way to customise the “Unsupported browser” page to display a message of my own choosing?


I don’t know about official, but generally what you can do is replacing the [UnsupportedBrowserHandler]
( with a new implementation. One way would be adding it in a service init listener; see and
. Handlers added last are executed first, so your new handler will take place before the one from the Framework.

Another approach for more or less the same would be a custom VaadinService where you override the [createRequestHandlers method]
( to provide your custom UnsupportedBrowserHandler implementation. Override createServletService in your VaadinServlet implementation to use your custom VaadinService. This way you don’t need to run the Framework version of UnsupportedBrowserHandler at all (so for example you can loosen the browser requirements, but that’s on your own risk).