Custom Themes

I have been looking for custom themes that covers all components and could not find any in web. Considering theming is easy in vaadin, not having commercial/free theme options that we can use directly is a dilemma.
I find vaadin very successfull, but grey and old looking styles that are by default does not make sense for me. Please correct me if i am wrong , but what i want/hope is to be able to choose from different themes that are commercial/free and good looking and develop my application without worrying about styling.
I am hoping someone will correct me and show me something that will solve my problem.

Vaadin has 4 built-in themes:

  • Chameleon
  • Reindeer
  • Runo
  • Valo
    and all of them are pretty easy configurable.
    Don’t you like any of them?

Adding to Agata’s answer:
Valo is the newest of the mentioned default themes and it looks really quite modern. Additionally its even easier to modify the basic settings like main background-color or font-styles etc… There also a few predefined Valo examples themes which can use to give you a head start. They can be viewed in action in the Valo demo by switching between them using the combobox in the top right corner:!common

The actual scss files can be then found here: