Custom Mouse Cursor

Dear Vaadin experts,

Is there a way to customise the mouse cursor/pointer in the same way we see in this link:

I would like to put an image as well.

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I discovered the examples that manipulates different cursors from the book. However, none of these examples explains how to deal with new images as pointers as in the link above. I guess I need to modify the style of my application (CSS file) because this is not possible directly from java.

Am I right?
What modifications are needed to change the current mouse cursor with another image?

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perhaps this is usefull information ?

Set a style name to whatever you want to change using setStyleName();

In my case I wanted to affect the entire page so I called this method on one of my views, setStyleName(“general”);

then you’ll need to add the following to your theme:
.general {
cursor: url(“img/cursor.png”), default;

“default” is used as fallback.