Custom LoginOverlay


I am using LoginOverlay with Vaadin 14.1.16.

I styled the header with my company logo, it is working very good.

But now I want to style the footer with custom HTML. The only way to change the footer is i18n.setAdditionalInformation(…). Is there another way to use custom html in it? Are there any plans to do this in the future?

Another question: I want to prefill the username of the dialog and set it to editable(false). Is there a way to do this or is this planned in the future?

Last question: What is about the feature “login with facebook or google”?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Thomas

For my application, I have attempted something similar. I altered the error message part of the LoginOverlay to handle different kinds of errors, and added buttons for changing password for example. I did that by basically copying the LoginOverlay and provide my altered polymer template(s). I do have to say that altering the templates to my needs was very demanding since I never really used polymer before, and am quite rusty when modern html+javascript is involved. While it is possible, I do not recommend to do it that way if you are as inexperienced as I am in these regards. If I had to do the same thing again, I would try to not use the LoginOverlay at all, and make my own form instead, where you are not limited to existing api’s of the provided component. You can define the form action to do the same as the LoginOverlay does (I have never done this but I’m sure you’ll find examples of this in this forum or in stackoverflow)

If somebody has a better solution to this problem, I would be interested in that as well.