custom login page.

Good day.Pls i would like to design a custom login page using vaadin 14. I do not want to use the overlay component login. I have it developed with vaadin 8 but it dose not work with vaadin 14 as i cant find .setwidth and others.

I have a simple login page with one button. Pls i want to add this button to a custom built login page/ Pls find attacehed the login page for vaadin 14 and vaadin 8. THnak you.
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There were API changes between Vaadin 8 and Vaadin 14. You can find information about which components changed at .

Specifically about setWidth, it is now inherited from the HasSize interface. The API has changed a bit, so instead of using username.setWidth(15, Unit.EM) you should use username.setWidth("15em")

Good day. Thank you for your response. Please there are a lot of API changes from 8 to 14. Can you pls look at the login text for 8 and convert it to 14? its a lot faster and can be used as a quick guide and reference guide moving forward. . does not cover all like create panel and a whole lot more when creating custom components like in 8.