Custom FileDownloader

I created a custom down loader that allowed me to send PDF files generated on my application server to the Vaadin client so that the user could save them, I have attached it to is topic.

The problem I am having is that it seems to be working sporadicly and I can not figure out why. I did find this case ( which might be the problem as the FileDownloader is triggered from a button in popup, but I made it so the button would not hide on mouse exit and the problem persisted.

Can someone either verify that the above ticket is the problem? Or can someone point me what might be going on with my code?

I have found a temporary work around, but it does not function in the same manner. We would prefer that the user be asked if they want to open or save the file, instead of having the file open in another browser window, from which they can print or save the file.

Thank you (2 KB)