Custom Field and included Form

Hi List,

I created a CustomField which includes a Form. It works like a charm but I have some trouble with the Form layout.

Somehow the row in which the Caption and the InputField in the form in the CustomField has this CSS style:

.v-formlayout-margin-bottom .v-formlayout-lastrow .v-formlayout-captioncell, .v-formlayout-margin-bottom .v-formlayout-lastrow .v-formlayout-contentcell, .v-formlayout-margin-bottom .v-formlayout-lastrow .v-formlayout-errorcell {
padding-bottom: 15px;

.v-formlayout-margin-top .v-formlayout-firstrow .v-formlayout-captioncell, .v-formlayout-margin-top .v-formlayout-firstrow .v-formlayout-contentcell, .v-formlayout-margin-top .v-formlayout-firstrow .v-formlayout-errorcell {
padding-top: 15px;

The result is each row in the Form is too high. I use Form.addField() to add an InputField.

A Form which is not included in CustomField has this CSS style:

.v-formlayout-spacing .v-formlayout-row .v-formlayout-captioncell, .v-formlayout-spacing .v-formlayout-row .v-formlayout-contentcell, .v-formlayout-spacing .v-formlayout-row .v-formlayout-errorcell {
padding-top: 8px;

Did I do something wrong? Is there a bug in the CustomField? Is there any known workaround?

Thank you in advance,