Cusomer Themes

Hi everybody,

I have to develop an application, where our customers can change the css for there own look&feel.
We deployed our application as war-file into an tomcat.
Where did I have to place an css-file, which the customer himself can change, and which is’nt changed by deploying an new war-file of our application.

Thanks for your help


The thing is that when using the normal way of choosing a Vaadin theme (@Theme annotation or setTheme) Vaadin expects the style.css to be in the VAADIN/themes// folder. What you could do though is:
1: Have a basic/dummy style.css in your VAADIN/themes/… folder which has an @import() annotation pointing to an external folder. The customer can then put their css file in that folder.
2: When using Vaadin 7, you could use
this way
to inject styles from an external file into the application’s styles.

Disclaimer: Have not tried any of the above myself.

Hi Marius,

thank you for your reply, the second way is not possible, because these changes are for single elements in the program, and not in general.
But the first way seems to be a way, I will test it out and give an info.