Cursor in Button: How to get rid of it?

Hi, we are using vaadin 8. In our Buttons appears a Cursor when clicking the button. How to get rid of cursor in button? Is it a question of theming?


What do you mean by the Cursor? The blue border around the button?


No, not the blue border, but a vertical pipe like in a TextField.

Huh, that’s odd. Does that happen in some particular browser or all of them? Can you see it in ?


Yes, I see it after clicking the button. I use firefox as a browser.

Are you using Windows? I seem to recall there was some OS setting (which is off by default) for that kind of behavior.


Yes, I am using Windows 10 Professional. But we can not ask our customers to turn on some settings on their computers. We have to find a solution that we can apply to our software.

Is the cursor visible for your customers as well? Anyway, the feature I was thinking of is called Caret Browsing; double check if that’s the cause:


Thank you, yes that is the course. Hitting F7 removes the cursor.