Current Status SASS-Integration

our department is currently thinking about upgrading to Vaadin 7 for enabling SASS-Support for our new Web-Applications. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any information, which functionality of SASS has already been integrated.

Especially information about the current integration-status of the following sass-functionalities would be important:

  • interpolation
  • @extend
  • control directives
  • list functions

Thanks alot in advance!

The current status in Vaadin 7.1 as far as I can tell:

For interpolation there is limited support - it works in some contexts but not everywhere.

Normal @extend should work. However, some special features like placeholder selectors for @extend-only and !optional might not be supported at the moment.

Basic list operations (at least append(), remove() and contains()) have been implemented, as have @if and @each, but there might be some limitations in their support and they haven’t been extensively tested. The other control functions (@for and @while) have not been implemented yet.

If I remember correctly, there are cases where some operations cannot be performed directly within the @if condition but as a workaround assigning the operation result to a variable and using it in @if should work.

Thank you very much. We’re gonna give it a shot :slight_smile:

I hope it works for you.

I’m currently in the process of implementing @function (custom functions), @return, @for, and @while on this ticket:
(no code contributed yet, but I expect some to be contributed somewhat soon)