css not doing anything on Vaadin Designer

so im trying to apply some random style to a label, i put the name of the style on the proper textfield, add the style to the scss and nothing happens, and its really irritating me, but its not only with the label, its with everything, it simply wont work. I made various proyects to verify if it wasn’t only the proyect that was corrupted, can someone tell me whats going on, or what am i doing wrong? or a step by step on how to apply a style, in case my ignorance blinds the right path to succes…
to anyone who responds, my regards

Add a custom style to your component and define the style in your “mytheme.scss” (myproject/src/main/webapp/VAADIN/themes/myproject/mytheme.scss)

There is also a good documentation for Vaadin Designer:


thats what i did, and as i said, it did nothing, and well, recently i discovered that when i try to save the files it says that there are mistakes in some of the scss theme files and that they needed to be fixed, i cant really thell what is wrong with my project
also, it may not be showed on the image, but there is another } that it closes the first {


May I know what scss editor your are using?