css location


I have copied from vaadin-6.6.2 the theme folder , now I have


and another 2 , which I dont know what are they… what are they?

Now I wanna use the exmaple from the sampler


with the additional resources gridexample.css , which shows the cells borders,

but I cant make it work , I don’t see the borders

  • where I put the gridexample.css file if I use reindeer theme? any where within VVADIN->themes->reindeer* ?
***same code from sampler **


There is really no need to copy the themes to use them or change them. You can always extend them. In fact, if you copy the reindeer theme, you will have two themes in your classpath and they might conflict. Check out the Book of Vaadin on how to
create and use themes.

The idea to copy the themes , was taken from the book.


Ok , I success without copy the themes fodler , the exmaple didn’t mention ( only the next page - Creating a Theme in Eclipse) that I need

@import url(../reindeer/styles.css);


@import "../reindeer/styles.css";

Whether you copy the files or not, you should use a theme with a different name to avoid conflicts, so the path would be VAADIN/themes//styles.css and using setStyle() for the application. All the other files would then also be in that same directory, just like they are in reindeer directory.

Edit: Seems like you already figured it out while I was writing this, never mind :slight_smile:

So did you get everything worked out or do you still need help?

yes , working , thx