css is re-arranged on the fly?

playing with the dashboard example, I have created a custom .scss files called ‘overrides.scss’, and include it in styles.scss as the last import:

@import "addons.scss";
@import "dashboard";
@import "override";

.dashboard {
  // Output the actual theme selectors
   @include addons;
   @include dashboard;
   @include override;

and the override.scss file look like this:

@mixin override { .v-widget { text-align: right; } } After compiling the theme (mvn vaadin: compile, also manually deleting the style.css to be sure). I can see my statements added to the end of file (the text-align thingy). Now serving the project with tomcat, it’s funny that the css file is completely re-arranged (on the fly!) my statement is in the middle of the file. Why would that happen? I need to override some properties.

Copy pasting the css rules by hand into chrome’s element inspector works, as it is applied after the style.css

Okay, just to save someone some time: clear all the tomcat caches, and perhaps you’d want to forget about jrebel all together? (intellij has some limited hot deploying, gonna live with that).