css implementing issue

Hello friends,

I am using firebug for implementing css on my vaadin application.

In this application i am using a tabsheet .

the firebug shows the following css on the tabsheet .


background-image: url(common/img/vertical-sprites.png);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: left -1485px;

when i try to change the url as in

background-image: url(…/images/bg_tab_menu_left.jpg);

it is failed to load the image.

my image was in the following folder–


how can i load my image?
please somebody help me!!!

Do you remove the positioning of the image? The framework image is a sprite, meaning that it has to use positioning to present the right content. When looking at your image file name I assume it’s not a sprite, and probably smaller than 1485 pixels…?

Try removing the

background-position: left -1485px;

and the image should load! =)

removing the

is also not working:(

do you have any other idea?

are you sure the path is url(…/images/bg_tab_menu_left.jpg)
and not url(…/img/bg_tab_menu_left.jpg)…?

I think the correct path would be: