css cache problem

Hello everyone, we are using custum theme based on valo. We have problems because of the cached css file. To bust caching, I tried to add querystring at the end of the “styles.css” file. However, vaadinBootstrap.js file already adds ?v=vaadinversion to styles.css file. If I modify this js file to solve css caching, then the js file is cached and does not include my modifications unless I do hard reload manually which is I am trying to get rid of. Please help me solve with this caching problem. Thank you.

tl:dr: How do I add querystring to styles.css?

Hi! I had the same issue; you can find some useful info in this thread https://vaadin.com/forum/thread/2484171/automatically-clearing-browser-cache-when-css-theme-is-modified. An alternative solution of mine in that thread is currently pending approval.