CRUD Component not detecting custom component change

I’ve created a CRUD component and using a binder. I’ve added two fields:

binder.forField(volume).asRequired().bind(Reminder::getVolume, Reminder::setVolume);

binder.forField(hour).bind(Reminder::getHour, Reminder::setHour);

Hour is an IntegerField and volume is a paper-slider. When i edit a CRUD element, if i only edit the paper-slider, the save button stays greyed out as if it doesnt detect change. My Valuechangelistener in the paper-slider works fine, but how does the CRUD detect change and enables the save button? Any hints are welcome.

I think validators can be useful

I’ve already tried that, unfortunately it doesnt work.
I do a withValidator, and when i put a breakpoint inside that, it gets triggered correctly every time the value changes, but the save button remains grey