Creating Views with Designer and use them in existing project

Hello everyone,

we have an existing Vaadin project and bought the Designer now. Is it possible to create the views with the Designer-Plugin in Ecplipse and export/import them somehow into the existing project?

Thank you in advance.

It should be possible to create views in the project using Designer. If you right-click project resource folder in Eclipse and choose New… Other. Do you have an option to create a view?

Or maybe I didn’t quite understand what you are after.


the class I need must implement View, but the classes generated by the Designer don’t do that. So I can’t add the created View to my Menu.

Hi Tobias,

you should extend the classes generated by the Designer.
Something like: public class TestView extends TestDesign implements View Then you can just access all the objects from your design. Take a look
, there are some examples using the designer.

That’s what I did after reading the hint in the generated class-file. Thank you, this works as intended :slight_smile: