Creating new vaadin Project


I’am newby in vaadin.

The first step doesn’t work. I cannot choose a target runtime by creating a new project

I want to use eclipse together with tomcat and vaadin. I installed tomcat, jdk a.s.o.

Can anybody give me advice. That would be nice. Thank you in advance.


Hi Torsten,

In “Target Runtime” just leave it with “none”. When you run the app (Run—>Run As—> Run on Server), choose “Manually define a new server” and click "
", then browse the folder (Ex. C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat 6.0.26) and “Finish” :slight_smile:

Make sure you previously installed Apache Tomcat.

Thats the way I know to “add” Apache Tomcat to Eclipse, it works pretty well to me

  • Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

thank you very much.I tried to do like you recommended. But it didn’t work.

I found a way: I downloaded Eclipse again and than it was possible to use tomcat as run environment. :grin:
May be, because first I installed Tomcat and than I activated Eclipse.

Kind regards