Creating a whole website with vaadin

Is it possible to create a website using vaadin? I know vaadin is really good in creating web applications but I am quite curious on creating a good looking website with vaadin.

as an example.

Vaadin is really written for building rich web applications, not websites.
While the latter is possible with Vaadin and there are a few such sites, usually Vaadin is not the best tool for it.

What other tool would that be for xml-allergic java coders?

I testet a vaadin website with lots of images, currently under construction, with pingdom and it tells me its faster than 98% of the tested websites. it also handles lots of simultaneous requests very fast, and the linux server cpu is almost unimpressed.

Only thing that gave me headaches was its not crawlable with google, but found a solution for that with htmlunit:

when the escaped_fragment request comes from google, let htmlunit respond with the processed javascript xml output, directly in the servlet.

As vaadin is really good framework for creating a web applications, It would be great if vaadin pay little more attention in supporting websites. The link given by Thomas Hoenen looks cool. If the website given as example is created only with vaadin then little more effort from vaadin team on supporting websites will definitely be fruitful.

i totally agree with rabi

kudos to those developer who design the layout for the

I cant even design a decent one.