Create Portlet Using Eclipse


I’m trying to create a Vaadin portlet using eclipse. Does anyone have a tutorial link?


To put it short, you create it just as you would create a regular Vaadin application project and then add the portlet deployment descriptor(s). if you need any communication between the portal and the portlet, you’ll need to use the portlet.jar in the project (remember not to include it in the WAR!) and implement a portlet request listener.

If you have more than one Vaadin portlet, you’ll need some extra configuration in the portal.

See the demo WAR available in the download page. You should be able to deploy it in a portal directly. It includes four applications that have been configured as portlets. The
PortletDemo example
demonstrates also how you can handle portlet requests to handle mode changes, define actions and retrieve portal user info.

There’s some red hot new documentation on portlets in the Book, including a description of portlet projects under Eclipse (you can use the Vaadin plugin to set up the project but it’s not necessary). It’s not in the HTML book yet, only in the PDF:
(click Download), in the Advanced Topics chapter.

The portlet support has just been revised with better support for Liferay. Vaadin 6.0.1 which includes the enhancements is expected to be released later today (10.7.2009).

Some slightly older documentation is available at the developer’s site:





[/list]The examples are for Liferay, but you should be able to use other portals as well.

Thanks for the resources, got it all up and running