countdown clock

Hi ,

I am facing in the implementation of the countdown clock add-on.

Showing that:


Widgetset does not contain implementation for Check its @ClientWidget mapping, widgetsets GWT module description file and re-compile your widgetset. In case you have downloaded a vaadin add-on package, you might want to refer to add-on instructions. Unrendered UIDL:
-countdown time=9983 format=This page will self-destruct in %s.%ts seconds.

Since I am new to vaadin development.Can I exactly know What problem I am facing ?

Most likely you haven’t compiled your widgetset after adding the jar to your application; please see instructions

Hi Thomas,

               As you said I followed the steps  to install the add-ons .It is not oly for count down clock . The problems faced for all the client add ons. can you give the sample code . and the procedures to be followed on implementing the add-ons.

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Are you using Eclipse? Maven? Anyway, the key here is compiling your widgetset; the link I posted has step-by-step instructions of how you can do just that.

If you are using Eclipse without maven, you can use the Vaadin eclipse plugin to do this for you; easy as pie :slight_smile: Just select your Vaadin proiject, and press ‘compile widgetset’ (the Vaadin-like icon in the toolbar)