Couldn't find styles.css in Touchkit project

Hi guys,

Could you please help me spend few minutes to guide how to modify styles.css in TouchKit project. Actually I know its location “/myvaadintouchkit/VAADIN/themes/base/styles.css” but I couldn’t find it in Eclipse.



The css file you mention is actually the one for the base theme, which basically all our official themes extend and thus is not specific to the TouchKit theme. The TouchKit specific styles are all baked into the widget set and in the future all styles will probably be baked in as this reduces the startup time of the application.

What you probably should do is to create a new theme of your own, where you override all the rules that you wish to change. This way you won’t have to recompile the widget set each time you make a change to the CSS. See Book of Vaadin for details on how to create a new theme. Once the theme is finished, you can create a new widget set that extends the TouchKit widget set and bake in the CSS there if you wish to optimize the startup time.