Could be posible add an idea..???


It is simply to provide an idea for Vaadin web.

There are several examples on this web, this forum, the book and code how components work, but perhaps there are not enough examples of how to change the appearance of components.

I know this is only CSS and not is Java, but to show examples of the appearance that the components may have could be interesting.

The developer could choose among several examples as he wants a button, a table or any other component and apply it on the theme by copying and pasting.

I’ve seen some examples in the forum (such as changing the edges, like changing the color, such as changing the font …), it might be interesting to sort it and present it as an example.


Chameleon Theme
offers a lot of alternative looks for the basic components, and allows you to easily change the colour theme.

But yeah, the Book doesn’t go very deep in styling different components. There are some examples though.