Copy/paste javadoc of Vaadin Core methods

Hi all,

I’d like to wrap a Vaadin Core setter method with another method that has a slightly different name and a return value.

Here is an example: public MyComponent withWidth(String width) { setWidth(width); return this; }
My question is:

Am I allowed to copy/paste Vaadin Core javadoc and modify it for such methods?


the vaadin framework (“core”) is licensed with the Apache 2 license, so yes, you can do this with some conditions:

"In brief a licensee of Apache Licensed V2 software can:

  • copy, modify and distribute the covered software in source and/or binary forms
  • exercise patent rights that would normally only extend to the licensor provided that:
  • all copies, modified or unmodified, are accompanied by a copy of the licence
  • all modifications are clearly marked as being the work of the modifier
  • all notices of copyright, trademark and patent rights are reproduced accurately in distributed copies"