Copilot pops up unintentionally

Hi, attended the townhall conference yesterday and were pretty impressed by the copilot feature. However I’m facing some issues with copilot:
It seems that, whenever my finger rests more than a moment on the shift-key, the copilot pops up. Thats somehow annoying.

I have deactivated it manually by means of the vaadin icon in the bottom right corner but that does not avoid the behavior.

Beyond that I’m not using vaadin 24.4 but 24.3.3. Did not expect to have the copilot feature there…

Any suggestions? Should i exclude copilot from the maven dependencies?

Cheers, Simon

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Hey Simon,

As far as I know, this was maybe not the best user experience in the 24.3.3 version when multiple SHIFT presses were opening the Copilot. (not an excuse, but Copilot was very much an experimental feature that time).

As you said you can exclude the Copilot UI/dependencies.

But I would suggest to just update your Vaadin version.
The newest Vaadin version (24.3.11) should make this problem go away, and the Copilot will not so much get in the way unexpectedly.

On top of that the Copilot has new features in that version, so please give it a try (to the version and Copilot) if you can just update your Vaadin dependency.


p.s: Glad to know you enjoyed the townhall yesterday! Take care!