Converting to maven

I have a working vaadin application developed in eclipse but without using maven. All third party jars were simply added to my lib folder.

I decided to try and rebuild the application but this time using maven and the standard vaadin-archetype-application again using eclipse.

I have managed to get the system to build cleanly now and it runs. However, there is obviously something wrong since the styling seems to have got lost (see attachment).

My UI program uses the annotation @Theme as follows:

public class CloudfreedomUI extends UI {

and the target folder seems to have the style mytheme setup (see attachment).

My question is: what is the best way to debug this to determine why the style is getting lost? I don’t seem to have any relevant errors when I run the application on tomcat 8.0.


In case it helps anyone,the reason for this problem was this:

When you use the Vaadin Designer tool with the supplied templates, the style is amended (optionally) when you first use the template to incorporate the template styling.

Because I had created a new project (which would obviously not have this amended styling) and I had simply copied the HTML files from my previous project, the pages that had been designed by the Vaadin Designer would be without any style.

To fix, I simply created a new WYSIWYG page using Vaadin Designer which inserted the amendments into my style files for me. I then deleted this page and my other pages were OK agin.