Contribution policy and github

How about pull requests on github? Do you accept change sets on github to Vaadin branches?
Please see:

For contributing code, a signed contribution agreement is required. See
this page
. This is to make the project ownership clear and to protect the project from any future intellectual property disputes. Contributions have to be (re)submitted after the signing of the contribution agreement.

Futhermore, unfortunately we cannot accept GitHub pull requests, as all changes to the project go via our code review system and we haven’t found a good way to integrate it with GitHub. Thus, contributions will need to take place via the code review system. We are working on it to try to open it more widely in the future.

We can help you get the contribution integrated after receiving a signed contribution agreement. Further contributions should be much easier once the agreement and initial setup for pushing to code review are done.

So sad. It is huge problem for community.

I would like to note that this is essentially the same process that most Apache foundation projects, most if not all Eclipse foundation projects etc. follow.

For many of those, it is actually much harder to get contributions included, and legal departments are usually involved at least if any new dependencies are introduced.

How to Make Your Open Source Project Really Awesome

Have a Place Where Users Can Get Support:

How To Fuck It Up

If you want to completely screw your users, do this:

  • Be hip and disable issues on your GitHub repository
  • Use a contributor agreement users have to mail in paper to Tanzania
  • Insist on using patches even for one line changes to the README
  • Put your repo into Darcs even if it’s a Ruby or JavaScript or Clojure project
  • Make it hard to find where the repository is

This will prevents others from contributing to your project and stealing some of the credit from you.