Contributing and commit access

Good question and multiple answers.


  1. Contributing back to official Vaadin projects (Vaadin Framework, Vaadin TestBench, …)

Please send patches attached to tickets at In many cases, the patch is used as a reference and core development team rewrites the feature. For more sizable contributions that are integrated directly integrated you have to sign a contributors agreement moving the rights to the code to Vaadin Ltd to keep the IPR:s for Vaadin projects clear and safe everyone involved. If you become a regular contributor and several of your patches get integrated, you will be considered for a commit access to the project directly.

2) Contributing back to some other project in Contribute to Vaadin in Github (incubator or contrib)

Contact the author of the project. If he accepts you as a committer, you can contact me to get commit access.

3) Contributing back to project outside * (for example github or

Contact the author. He can also arrange you a commit access.

4) Creating a new project in Contribute to Vaadin in Github (incubator or contrib)

As there are already tons of projects, it is better in most cases to use, githug or something else. If you really really want to host your project at, contact me.

5) Creating a new project outside * (for example github or

Feel free to do so :)

Whenever you are creating a new project, please also consider the guidelines for name use. (cut-n-paste from the

Thanks for reply and even extending the subject :slight_smile:

It seems that project of my interest is hosted here: so I was about to contact the author(s) directly not the Vaadin dev team (exactly like you specified at point 3).

The first place I found any contact possibility with authors was Vaadin forum though.
That’s why I asked in reply to Daniel’s post. He’s among the plugin authors.

However he’s probably not subscribed to the thread as I have no answer till now.
Maybe I try contact Les or look for contact option with them elsewhere.

Btw. doesn’t mentioned plugin name violate ‘Vaadin’ word usage terms? :wink: