context menu of vaadin calendar not showing befor 5 am

The new vaadin calendar is really nice component, especially with the addition of action handling in 1.2.1 but there seems to be a problem with that action handling:

The context menu does not seem to work before 5 a.m in week and day view, and it does not seem to work at all on month view.

what im doing is that i am simply making the calendar object and adding an action handler to it like any other component.

Is that a bug or is it something that should be normal, or am i doing something wrong here.


Yes, it looks like there is a problem. It seems to depend on the timezone - I suspect your timezone is GMT+5… If you set the time zone of the Calendar to GMT, it should work, although that could be a problem for you…


There’s a working Calendar context menu example
. Well, not working in the sense that it also has the problem. but the problem doesn’t show because the server’s clock is in GMT… :blink:

well you were right about this GMT thing, but I dont think thats going to be a workaround for me, because i’m making the project for US n that’s like GMT -5,

so i guess i’ll have to wait for more mature calendar… :glare:

Created ticket
about the problem. I don’t know when there will be a maintenance release, but I hope soon.