Context menu in vaadin calendar not showing

Hey guys,

ok, in the calendar manual it says that you can addActionHandler simply like any other vaadin component. But i am not seeing this addActionHandler method in the calender class.

so is it because im using the free license of vaadin calendar or am i doing something wrong.

Do you have to latest version of the Calendar (1.2.1) ?

My calendar version is 1.2.0…does that make any difference

Yes, the context menu is implemented in 1.2.1

oh mannn…thanx…i think they released it recently because i downloaded 1.2.0 just two days before…any ways thanx man that solved the problem,

ok one more thing, i cannot seem to be able to add my own style to the calendar. for example i want the calender’s month view to dim out the dates that are not in this month, and that if i re size the calendar like to small proportions then i dont want the calendar to show the month name at the 1st date in the month view.

so do have any suggestions on how to do that.