Console sizing problem

Dear Sami,

Console withness can not be adjusted on IE. I could not change its very narrow appearance whatever I tried through API.

Thank you


This was actually the problem before, but the
latest Console 1.1.2
should have fixed this.

Is the online demo here
working for you? Also what Vaadin version are you using?

You can test out the sizing using commands like: cols 40 and width 400


Thank you for your respond. My Vaadin version is 6.4.9. On your test site it behaves just as mine - very narrow sized. ‘width’ command fixes its with but ‘cols’ command does not. I realized that if I set a large number of columns such as

cols 400 it sets its with as 400px.


Sorry it took so long before I got to take a look at this. Yes, there seems to be difference between IE7 and IE8. This needs a bit deeper analysis, so stay tuned…